This used to be a pencil drawing, now it is coloured :)

is meeee!Thank you beee

Unicorn-ouroboros thing …?

fluttershy and rarity going on a date probably…..i never draw pony ppl the same way twice e
"My alone feels so good. I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude."
-Warsan Shire (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
"In general, I think we need to move away from the premise that being a good person is a fixed immutable characteristic and shift towards seeing being good as a practice. And it is a practice that we carry out by engaging with our imperfections. We need to shift towards thinking that being a good person is like being a clean person. Being a clean person is something you maintain and work on every day.We don’t assume ‘I am a clean person therefore I don’t need to brush my teeth.’ When someone suggests to us that we have something stuck in our teeth we don’t say to them ‘What do you mean I have something stuck in my teeth—but I’m a clean person?!’"

Jay Smooth in his TED speech “how I learned to stop worrying and love discussing race” (via tropicanastasia)

Jay Smooth almost always a reblog

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Dude nailed it. We all need to work at being good. Even if we think we are.

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Finished this forever ago, only just got round to scanning.
Poor boy Tarjin marvels at the palatial family home of his future wife.


if ur making a story and it doesnt have any queer characters:

  1. why
  2. stop
  3. start again
  4. do better